How to Keep the Kids Entertained During Lockdown

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How to Keep the Kids Entertained During Lockdown

Ever since the lockdowns were announced, families have been restricted inside their homes. During these challenging times, kids can often get restless being locked inside all day. However, there are a lot of activities you can plan for the kids to beat the boredom and have a fun family time. You can choose some of the following indoor and outdoor activities to keep the kids entertained.

Indoor Activities


1. Musical Instruments


Learning musical instruments can be a great activity for the kids which will not just keep them entertained but help them acquire new skills. There is some amount of commitment and discipline that goes into learning an instrument. Children can learn beats and rhythm and recognize patterns of music by learning a musical instrument.


Electronic Keyboard

2. Kitchen Play Set


Playing with a Kitchen Play Set can be a fun and engaging activity for the kids during the lockdown period. It not only keeps them involved, but they learn many new skills in playing with it, like organizing, planning, and problem-solving.


There are many other indoor activities for kids that can keep them entertained and also teach them new skills. Some of these are painting, reading, jigsaw puzzles, board games, crafting, baking, and even science experiments that are safe for children.

 Kitchen Play Set

Outdoor Activities


1. Pools and Slides


There are a variety of outdoor water activities that can keep children engaged. Inflatable pools are especially great for cooling off in the summer. You can also choose to include splash pads that come with fountain features. They require less clean-up and are easier to install as opposed to pools. Water slides and ‘slip n’ slides’ can also make for great outdoor activities for the kids.

 Inflatable Water Slide

2. Outdoor Games


You can also choose to play some outdoor games with the kids to keep them entertained. Installing basketball rings is a great option when it comes to outdoor activities, as it can fuel the child’s interest in sports and also give them a form of exercise. Another great addition to a yard can be in the form of a kids trampoline. They are great for bouncing exercises and can easily fit in small spaces too. They can also be turned into a ball pit to make for an engaging activity for the kids.

 Kid's Trampoline

3. Sand Box Activities


Children often love to play with dirt and sand. Sand pits are great for providing fun learning and tactile experiences to the kids. They can build castles, dig the sand and carry out a number of engaging activities in a sand box.

 Sand Pit

4. Kids Ride-on Car


A kids' ride-on car is not just fun but is also great for the child’s development. They can help in developing motor skills in the children and help them explore their surroundings.


With these tips, you will be able to plan many fun and engaging activities for the kids during this lockdown period. It is great if you are able to incorporate some fun learning in the process.

Kid's Ride On Car

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