How to organise your wardrobe

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How to organise your wardrobe

Most people seem to be unable to organize their clothes. If you are trying to find out how to organize your clothes, chances are you have also struggled with organizing clothes and shoes. It does not need to be that complicated. Just follow our simple steps, and your wardrobe will be more organized than ever in no time.  


Clear out your wardrobe


Dressing down is necessary before dressing up. It means you should first have a fair idea of what things you actually want in your wardrobe and what you don't. You can follow a simple rule for wardrobe clearout. If you haven't worn a piece of clothing for over a year, chances are you are never going to wear it again. Get them all out and pack them in a bag or box. You can choose to wait for a couple of weeks before letting them go, in case you change your mind about something. Clothing recycling centers and charities will be grateful to have all your old clothes. 


Clothes sorting


When it comes to sorting, a good cupboard for clothes will be very useful. If you can, invest in a quality cupboard that has dedicated spots for suits, shirts, pants, shoes, etc. In case you cannot or do not want to spend extra money, go for simple and portable clothes rack. If your wardrobe does not have shoe storage space, you will also need a shoe rack. With these few items, organizing your wardrobe will become way easier. 


Organize your wardrobe space


You should start with reorganizing your cupboard space. To save room in a tall closet, add another rail for hanging short clothing. Using a box storage unit will also prove to be extremely useful in many situations. T-shirts, folded pants, socks, and miscellaneous items may all be stored in a chest. This way, it will also become very easy to handle and find them. There are many add-ons that can maximize the storage capacity of your wardrobe. Closet hangers come in different shapes and styles. Some are more suited to one type of clothing than another. Make use of different closet hangers to use your wardrobe space to its fullest. 


Make use of all available space


Most of the time, while we think of how to organize clothes, we forget about the odd spaces here and there that we can use. For example, think of the space above your wardrobe (if your wardrobe is not floor-to-ceiling). You can easily store many things in small or big storage containers. Things that you use occasionally can find great storage space in these odd locations. 

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