How to Organize Your Shoes

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How to Organize Your Shoes

Ever since shoes existed, people have struggled with shoe storage. Even with the advent of shoe organizers and cupboards with shoe racks, some of us still struggle. The trick lies in being smart about your shoe storage. There is no single best shoe storage idea to magically cure all your problems. However, you can learn how to do better with simple tricks and upgrades.


Keep shoes away from the floor


It is instinctive for us to simply scatter all our shoes on the floor. Even when buying storage racks, we tend to choose those with a very low shoe storage space. Having them higher up within the rack will make it convenient to find them in times of hurry. In the case of shoe storage for closets, try to have a storage space a few inches above the surface level. Shoe stackable storage options work great since they have storage space at different height levels. Just make sure not to stack them on top of each other. 


Don't buy cheap stackable shoe storage options


Cheap, wired shoe racks will inevitably die out after prolonged use. Even worse, they will be very bad for storing shoes with any sort of heel. Cheap shoe racks are usually extremely flimsy, making them unsuitable for heavy boots also. Considering the numerous disadvantages, it is best to invest in some quality shoe racks. 


Shoe storage containers


Shoe storage boxes and containers are great for storing expensive pairs of shoes. They protect the shoes from all external factors. If you are worried about humidity and odor, go for shoe storage boxes that have ventilation. They work way better than wired shoes storage racks. You can argue that they take up more space, but when stored smartly, they can be hidden in places where nobody can even see them. Shoe storage boxes are perhaps the single most reliable method of storing shoes. 


Categorize your shoes


Categorizing your shoes under different labels will make storing and maintenance very efficient. For instance, you can divide them on the basis of how often you wear them. Similarly, you can sort your shoes on the basis of material. Different materials need different types of maintenance. Shoes that you wear very often will inevitably need more care than shoes you wear occasionally. Good sorting skills are the foundation of good storage skills. 


Use hanging options


Though hanging shoes is a little unusual, they are surprisingly effective. You can easily find hanging shoe storage options in stores or even DIY yourself with some wires. It is very easy to do and comes with a bunch of benefits. Hanging shoes might become the norm a few years down the line. Be one of the early adopters if you find this resonating with you. 

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