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    234 products

    Buy Wicker Outdoor Furniture Online in Australia at Auswide Deals & Save.

    Your home outdoors deserves to be decked up nicely. After all, you may be using it to host dinner parties, an intimate dining experience, or even just to relax after a tiring day. Being outdoors can make you feel like you’re one with nature and give you a sense of comfort that’s hard to come by.

    Whether it’s partying, intimacy, or just some good old alone time, comforting outdoor settings need to have the right outdoor furniture. Think beyond just your average tables and chairs. There’s so much more outdoor furniture Sale that you can benefit from.     

    We’ve got a range of options that are sure to blow your mind. If you’re looking to make your backyard more attractive without compromising on functionality, you’ll love our outdoor timber furniture and outdoor wicker furniture options. What can you look forward to?

    Bench seats  

     These are perfect for an evening chat with a loved one or to sip on a hot cup of coffee. We’ve even got swing chairs for you to stay entertained while you contemplate life.   

    Outdoor lounges

    Want to hype up your outdoors even more? Choose from our range of outdoor lounges that can help you relax. There are even sunbathing lounges that can help you get your tan on.

    Recliner and beach chairs

    Want to be able to adjust the tilt of your chair while you’re outdoors? Check out our collection of recliner chairs that will come in handy. We’ve also got lightweight beach chairs that look and feel great. Some are even offered as a set with a table to complete the look. You can even pick foldable sets for convenient use when necessary.   

    Picnic seats

    Want to have a cute picnic in the outdoors? Our range of picnic seats is perfect for this. You can even benefit from the storage boxes we have on offer. 


    What better way to chill in the outdoors than in a hammock? Get a book out or listen to music, enjoying the comfort of this baby.  

    Sofa sets

    Outdoor sofa sets can’t be the same bulky ones that you’d use indoors. We understand this and that’s why our sofa sets are perfectly crafted for the outdoors.

    Buy Outdoor umbrellas

    An excellent way to enjoy the outdoors umbrellas without being impacted by the harsh sun, our umbrellas will ensure you look stylish while keeping you safe outdoors. 

    Cheap Outdoor furniture dining

    Buy outdoor dining sets & bar sets as well as outdoor dining chairs & tables!

    Choose full dining sets for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors from our selection.



    Yes, you’ve got plenty of options. Sounds like it’s going to be expensive? That’s where you’re wrong. With us, you can get your outdoor furniture cheap, especially with all the outdoor furniture on sale. You can benefit from discounts starting from 25% and going up to more than 60% on our outdoor furniture options.   

    Wide selection of outdoor dining furniture sets. 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9 piece sets. Fast home deliveries and pick-ups are available across Australia.


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