Get your awesome gaming chairs at Auswide Deals


Have a Call of Duty marathon scheduled for the weekend? Can't wait to immerse yourself in Fortnite tonight? Make sure you have comfortable gaming chairs to sit in during the game. The wrong chairs can ruin your posture and cause a lot of pain. But with our Auswide Deals, computer chairs and gaming chairs recliners, you can set the stage for a super comfortable and enjoyable game time.


Affordable ergonomic gaming chairs with footrest


The gaming chairs we sell at Auswide Deals, are designed to help you have a comfortable seating experience when gaming. Our chairs may look like simple office chairs, but they’re much more than that.


We partner sell some of the best ergonomic racer gaming chairs in Australia. Each chair has been designed keeping in mind the postural needs of users. Coming with numerous controls, these racer gaming chairs are fully adjustable to your exact height, back support, elbow support and foot support requirements.


Our wide range of gaming computer chairs come with footrests. Now you can comfortably place your feet in correct alignment with your body and prevent any aches and pains later.


Experience true gaming comfort with a padded massage gaming chair


Were you aware that Auswide Deals also sold specially-designed massage gaming chairs? That’s right. Now you can get a relaxing back massage without paying for an expensive spa day.


Our 8-point massage gaming chairs are fully padded. They come built with special massage sensors and motors. You receive a remote control which you can use to power the frequency and speed of the massage points.


Now you don’t ever have to worry about your back muscles knotting up after hours of gaming. Just relax, game and receive a wonderful deep back massage from our extraordinary massage racer gaming chairs in Australia.



Keep your child’s back safe and strong with gaming chairs for kids



How your child spends his/her time during growing years, determines how strong their necks and backs will be. Don’t compromise their health and safety, by foregoing quality gaming chairs.


At Auswide Deals, we stock a wide range of gaming chairs for kids of all ages. Now you don’t have to force your child to stop playing their favourite games. Instead, you can buy them our premium-quality and cheap gaming chairs for kids.  


Our range of gaming chairs recliners come in different colours. You'll find it easy to please your little one with beautiful gaming chairs with footrest as a birthday gift.


Keep your child’s back safe and strong with gaming chairs for kids


At Auswide Deals, we offer the racing chairs Afterpay buying option. Now you can order the massage gaming chair for yourself and your preferred gaming chairs for kids on an installment payment basis. Every payment is interest-free, making our office chairs & gaming chairs so affordable. Get your office chairs and racer gaming chairs delivered to your home and make the payments in pocket-friendly monthly installments.