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    27 products

    Checkout our range of cat scratching posts at Auswide Deals

    If you have cats at home, you will know just how much their scratching can ruin the legs of your favourite furniture and even door frames. While scratching is normal for them, you can make sure it doesn’t happen to other belongings in your home by getting a cat scratching post in Australia for your cat. At Auswide Deals, we have got the perfect collection of cat scratching posts to impress you.   

    Multiple cat scratching post sizes and colours

    If you’ve got a big home and your cat is the adventurous type, a large cat scratching post would be perfect for your home. Our cat scratching posts are offered in multiple colours and sizes that you can choose from. You can find elaborate cat scratching posts with ramps, scratch pads, and even seating spaces for larger cats. A cat scratching tree is perfect especially for homes that have multiple cats because all your cats can enjoy it at the same time.

    If an elaborate cat scratching tree is not your style or if you simply don’t have the place for it, you can check out our smaller, simple cat scratching posts. These will also allow your cats to scratch away to their hearts content without taking up too much space in the house.         

    Sturdy construction that your cat will love

    The design construction of our cat scratching posts are sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about things falling apart when your cat tries to jump onto the cat scratching tree. You can place it at a convenient location in your home and watch your cats’ curiosity increase as they try to explore the latest addition to the home.

    Every kit also comes with an assembly guide so you’re sure to have a good time putting it together. Be prepared to fend off your cats from the parts while you’re trying to assemble the product though.      

    Discounts and easy payment options

    Whether you are interested in a large or small cat scratching post, you will be able to benefit from a great deal. We also offer easy payment options that make your purchase more convenient. If you find something you like but don’t seem to have enough to pay the full price all at once, you can choose to pay it in installments. This can be done without incurring an interest within a specific time period by choosing an option like Afterpay. See what you like from our selection and place your order today!    

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