Picnic Baskets

7 products

    7 products

    Enjoy a picnic with a picnic basket from Auswide Deals

    Going out for a picnic is cute and fun, but you want to make sure you head out for the picnic fully prepared. Picnic baskets are the perfect way to carry all that you will need for a relaxing day outside on a picnic. At Auswide Deals, we have stylish picnic baskets that will make your day out a lot more fulfilling.   

    Picnic basket 4 person, 2 person, or 6 person

    Carry the perfect size of picnic basket based on the number of people going for the picnic. If it’s just a romantic picnic out with your partner, take our 2 person picnic baskets with you. If you’re going in a larger group, we have 4 person picnic baskets as well as 6 person picnic baskets that you can take with you. The different sizes make it possible for you to carry a basket based solely on the needs of that picnic.   

    All you need in one neat handy picnic basket set

    Our picnic baskets are equipped with all that you will need to carry on a picnic. You don’t have to worry about taking plates, glasses, and cutlery separately. Many of our picnic baskets come with sets of plates, glasses, cutlery, and even blankets for you to lay out when you’re on your picnic. We even have options of a picnic basket with cooler bag and insulated picnic basket to serve your needs better.     

    Stylish with multiple design options

    You can continue to look stylish when you’re out on your picnic with the help of our picnic baskets. Our wicker picnic baskets are a lot more than just functional. They’re beautifully designed and will surely turn some heads when you’re outside.    

    Easy payment

    We’ve got picnic baskets available at discounted prices to make owning a cute functional basket even easier for you. If you still find the prices too high to afford, you can opt for any of our convenient payment options like Afterpay, LatitudePay, or Humm. Pay a portion of the total cost up front while paying off the remaining amount in smaller installments within a specified period of time. This will allow you to own the basket and enjoy your picnics while splitting the cost into manageable sums of money.    

    Check out the sorting on our website and browse through our selection to pick the perfect picnic basket for yourself. We also have several other outdoor and home products that may interest you. 

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